Virus Removal – ANTIVIRUS

Virus Removal – ANTIVIRUS Is Your PC Infected? Don’t Worry, We’ll Fix It! Viruses, worms, trojans, spware and adware are collectively known as “Malware” (malicious software). Malware is secretly installed on a majority of PCs today, compromising security and often making machines unusable. If your computer is behaving poorly, there is a strong likelihood that virus and spyware programs are to blame. If your computer is not working as well… Read More »Virus Removal – ANTIVIRUS

Macbook Power Adaptor

MacBook power cord 5 pins Magsafe connector and cable Replacement? A weakness of the MacBook is it’s power cord failure after some times. it become a panicking moment when you cannot charge you MacBook anymore. It brick’s it! So at the first sing of little orange or green light not showing when plugged, Just replace it!When the connection is secure, an LED located at the head of the DC connector… Read More »Macbook Power Adaptor

Best On-site Laptop Repair services in Jebel Ali

Best On-site Laptop Repair services in Jebel Ali Area For All Brands On-Site computer repair and support is offered to all customers in New Dubai and Jebel Ali area . We can quickly come to you and repair your laptop or computer fast and efficiently. Our certified technicians are highly trained and able to resolve all computer issues. This is a great option if you’re unable to travel with your… Read More »Best On-site Laptop Repair services in Jebel Ali

WIFI Access Point , WIFI Booster Installation

WIFI Access Point , WIFI Booster Installation Do you require WIFI Access Point, WIFI Booster Installation? One of the biggest causes of frustration surrounding wireless networks at home and work in Dubai, is dead spots. You know, those places in your house where your wireless router’s signal never quite reaches, or probably the signal levels are very low. Maybe the dead spot is in an upstairs bedroom where you would… Read More »WIFI Access Point , WIFI Booster Installation

Laptop Hard Drive Repair

Laptop Hard Drive Repair If your laptop or computer is starting to experience decreased performance, crashing often, and perhaps making unusual sounds? If yes, then it’s time to hire us for professional laptop hard drive repair services. It’s best to opt for the laptop hard drive repair now instead of waiting for your laptop/computer to completely break down and lose all your data. We have a team of certified technicians… Read More »Laptop Hard Drive Repair

Laptop Fan Problem Mac

Hearing wiring, grinding or clicking? This could be a sign of a Fan Problem on your  Mac One common issue with Macs is fan failure. A fan’s primary role is to ensure that the Macs components don’t overheat during use and keep your Mac functioning at a lower temperature. An accumulation of dust in the vents and fans are typically the culprit in restricting air flow and may cause the… Read More »Laptop Fan Problem Mac


MAC SOFTWARE INSTALLATION MAC software installation are carried out at our stores or onsite at your convenience. While the Macs are a more stable, reliable operating system compared to Windows, many common problems with software can still give users a serious headache. We offer the following services • Mac OS X installation, migration, and repairs • Mac Mail, Outlook, Address Book  • Mac Time Machine Backup • Mac-to-Mac and PC-to… Read More »MAC SOFTWARE INSTALLATION

Hard Disk Crashed?

 Hard Disk Crashed?  Hard Disk crash can be caused due to several reasons like normal wear and tear of the hard disk, physical damage due to hard disk fall, virus issue affecting the operating system, power turned off directly from ON / OFF button, board being defective or defective mechanical parts in hard disk .  Our proven strategies and techniques ensure that your data loss situation is temporary and you… Read More »Hard Disk Crashed?

Apple Repair Centre in Dubai

Apple Repair Centre in Dubai Apple Repair Centre  in Dubai offering Reliable and promt service in Jebel Ali Area. Has your Apple Protection Plan expired? Don’t have the Apple Protection Plan? Don’t worry at all, we repair all Apple products including iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iPad, iMac, Mac Pro and more.Apple Repairs carried out at our centre in Dubai Apple Mac logic board repair and replacement Apple Mac screen… Read More »Apple Repair Centre in Dubai


LAPTOP BODY DAMAGE Laptop body damage occurs when notebooks get dropped, more often than not they land on the corner, one of the weakest parts of the case. Unless you have a rugged notebook, there’s a good chance that after an encounter with gravity, the corner will be cracked or broken through completely. Sometimes laptop body damage occurs due to wear and tear. Sometimes certain models are more susceptible to breakage… Read More »LAPTOP BODY DAMAGE