Recover deleted files

Data loss is frightening and may be permanent, however it is possible to recover erased data.

recover deleted files
Do not worry! It is possible to recover data

If you have accidently deleted your data, had a virus attack, your system crashed, you’ve done a factory reset or you’ve recently formatted your hard drive, do not worry:

At ACTS, Jebel Ali we understand how important your data is. That is why offer services to recover your photos, audio, video and other useful softwares.

There are two kinds of data recovery, software and hardware. ACTS specialises in software recovery and not hardware. Please note, if your hard disk is making clicking, spinninng or any unusual sounds, then there is an issue physically with the hard disk. In which case, we cannot recover the files.

How can I recover my data?

If you simply deleted the files, first check your recycle bin for them. If you have deleted a system file, you can do a system restore to get the files back. The last option is to bring it to our computer shop and we will recover your data for you.

If your hard disk is encrypted due to ransomware please give us a call before bringing in your device to our shop.

Can you recover permanently deleted files?

Yes, at ACTS laptop repairs, we can recover your permanently deleted pictures, audio files, videos and much more, simply drop in at our store.

Can I use data recovery software to recover my data?

While data recovery software is helpful, it is expensive complicated and can result in file corruptions and permanent loss of data. Instead it is useful to give your external hard drive to an experienced technician to recover your files.

Furthermore you may get an error “hard disk not detected” in windows 10, in which case you’ll definietely need to bring it to the technicians. The file system in the hard disk is very delicate and prone to errors, If there is any interruptions in power like putting the device off or power failure, it would likely cause damage to the file system.

How much does it cost for data recovery?

For hard drives that are weak or crashed or your hard disk is old, you will need to provide your own hard drive where we can transfer your photos, videos music, etc. Prices start from Dhs 100.

How long does data recovery take?

Data recovery depends on the extent of damage and the size of the hard disk. Typically it can take from 2 hours to a couple of days. Even if a single file or folder needs to be recovered, the entire hard disk is scanned

Email recovery:

At ACTS we also provide services for Outlook recovery, gmail recovery. When your gmail details are configured to your outlook, gmail recovery is possible.

Confidentiality is our priority!