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Get your laptop screen repaired at ACTS. We have repaired laptop screens in Jebel Ali for 12 years and counting.

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Laptop Screen Broken:

If you’ve dropped your laptop, or you’ve spilled liquid on it, your screen may stop working. This indicates possible problems with the screen, in which case, you need a laptop screen replacement.

If the problem is seen on the external monitor as well, the problem is to do with your laptop’s motherboard, or some other part and not the display.

However, if the problem isn’t due to visible physical damage, the issue might be the LCD screen. And if you see vertical lines on your screen, cracks, spots, blotches, stuttering or flickering, then your screen may be damaged.

ACTS can repair LCD screen and repair other screens as well.

Types of laptop screens:

Since each screen has its own type such as: CCFL, LED, HD or Wide Screen, and screen resolution and sizes, it is important to find a screen which is perfectly compatible. If the screen isn’t a perfect fit, then it cannot replace the broken screen.

Therefore at ACTS we take the time to ensure you’re screen is a perfect fit for your laptop. Be it Dell laptop screens, HP Laptop, Toshiba, Compaq, Asus, Acer, Apple Macbook, IBM Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Gateway, Panasonic Toughbook, Samsung Screen. All brands of laptop screens supplied and fitted at our stores in Jebel Ali Dubai. 100% Genuine laptop screens to suit your laptop. Best price guaranteed on all our laptop LCD and LED screens.

While many other laptop repair shops may use old laptop screens, or refurbished parts, at ACTS we use brand new screens that are as good or even better than your original screens. Moreover if you want your screen replaced, we have a 3 month warranty.

So give in your screen for repairs today!