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ACER Service Center for repair, upgrade and data recovery services in Dubai. Whether your ACER Laptop needs a new display, hard drive, keyboard, memory upgrade, logic board, battery, data recovery, or other ACER repair services, Please Call : 0504957860

We repair all ACER products including ACER PROBOOK, ACER ELITE, ACER PAVILION, ACER ENVY , ACER SPECTRE and many more….In many cases we can repair your ACER and save you hundreds of Dirhams, depending on what type of problem you are having. Our Repair Shop is conveniently located in Jebel Ali, Dubai

ACER Service Center In Dubai

Do you have an ACER computer that needs repair? Is your ACER OS malfunctioning and you need ACER support? At ACTS we can solve your ACER problems within a very competitive price. ACTS expertise is in ACER hardware and software and has provided ACER repair service and support for ACER computers since 2010
When your ACER laptop is not working, it can be due to problems with the operating system, software, or hardware.

  Here are the most common issues your ACER Laptop might come across:

Audio and Visual: Your microphone and speakers can stop working because you muted them or problems with the drivers or software. The built-in webcam can also malfunction.

Keyboard and touchpad: The keyboard or touchpad can stop responding, or keys can break.

Performance: Sometimes, the laptop might overheat or slow down to a crawl. 

Display: You see nothing on the screen, a black screen, flickering, or something else.

Power/Battery: The laptop might not charge or turn on, or the battery might not hold a charge very long.


Our professional technicians with more than 6 years’ experience are trained to repair any problem in your Apple product in no time.



  • Laptop not switching on
  • The LCD screen is dim and dark
  • Display visible only on  external monitor, but not on the screen of the laptop
  • Laptop screen in not turning on
  • Laptop backlight and inverter problem
  • GPU and graphics card problem and distorted display
  • Motherboard malfunction and failure
  • Overheating of the laptop
  • Keyboard Replacement and Repair
  • Replacement of loose or broken hinge
  • Replacement of LED/CCFL bulb
  • Update and replacement of Optical Drive (DVDRW – DVD Burners)
  • Repair of AC/DC power jack
  • Memory updates
  • Replacement of broken and plastic parts like LCD cover/base cover and the likes
  • Water and other liquid damage
  • Component level motherboard repairs.

How Much Does It Cost For ACER Laptop Repairs In Dubai

The full cost of repairs depend on the type and level of damage. For instance, replacing the screen costs the most, than other types of repairs. Also newer the model, the cost of repairs would be much more higher. Lastly the cost of repairs also depends on the level of difficulty, the time it would take for the repairs and cost of the part.

ACER screen repairs. AED 400. to AED 600 *  ACER keyboard repairs. AED 200 To AED  350 *  ACER Motherboard repairs. AED 300 To AED 650 *  ACER Liquid Damage repairs. AED 250 To AED 500 * ACER Windows 10 Operating System repairs. AED 150 To AED 400.

These prices are just estimates and our subject to change. Repairs are dependent on availability of spares. For an accurate quote, please Call 0504957860 or Visit our Stores in Dubai.


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ACER Laptop Repair Service center near me?

Our ACER Service Centre is located in Dubai, Jebel Ali Discovery Gardens.
We cover all ACER laptop models and have a good stock of spares at hand. We strive to repair all ACER laptop issues quickly and at a reasonable price.Find below a few of our locations that we service all ACER Laptops
computer_repairs_laptop repair shop in the palm jebel ali

The Palm
Jumeirah Island


Arabian Ranches, 
Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 
Motor city
Sports city

computer_repairs_laptop repair jumeriah village computer repair shop in jumeriah village

Jumeriah lake towers (JLT)
Jumeriah village
Jumeriah village triangle (JVT),
Jumeriah circle