Keyboard Repair

Are some of your keys not working? Did you spill liquid on your keyboard? Don’t worry, our technicans at ACTS laptop repairs will help you to fix it.

Liquid spill on laptop

We service all brands of laptops and keyboards, such as: Macbook pro, Macbook Air, IMAC, dell, hp, Lenovo, ACER, Toshiba, ASUS, sony vaio, Samsung. So if your keyboard is not working, give to to us to repair. Also if you need a keyboard, we keep several in stock.

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Some of the laptop keys aren’t working:

If some of the laptop keys aren’t working and causes issues like: a letter keeps repeating, or keyboard wont type, you may have a keyboard problem.

There could be two causes, there’s a hardware issue with the keyboard or software problem. If it’s a hardware problem, you can try using a vacuum cleaner over the keys to remove dust and clean the keyboard. If it’s a software issue, you could try updating your keyboard device driver. Windows 10 has common issues with its software driver for keyboards as does Windows 7, so it needs updating.

If the problem still persists, drop off your laptop at our store so we can repair it for you!

Water, coffee, or liquid spills on your laptop, how to fix it?

First thing to do if your liquid falls on your laptop or keyboard is to remove the battery if possible and do not power on the laptop.

Second you must turn your laptop upside down, with the screen facing down and bring it immediately to the store. If you cannot remove the battery at least turn your laptop upside down and keep some sheets between the keyboard and screen to absorb the liquid when you turn it upside down. Do not try to use a blow dryer or any other heating method.

In the unfortunate case of too much liquid getting into the machine, there are chances that your motherboard could be shorted and would most likely require a motherboard repair.

Do not charge your laptop. If you follow the following precautions, then most likely you’ll only need your keyboard replaced.

My Macbook keyboard isn’t working:

This is a common problem with Macbook pro keyboards. If you are out of warranty it is costly to repair this keyboard. But rest assured, ACTS fixes Macbook pro laptops and especially keyboard problems.

Do I need to replace or repair my keyboard?

Most of the time you’ll need to replace the keyboard even if one key is missing. However the laptop repair technicians can check your laptop to see if it needs replacement.

How long will it take to repair my keyboard?

For keyboards time to repair depends on how damaged it is. In some cases it is repaired on the spot, other time it can take up to 2 days. Our technicians at ACTS can help you know how long it takes to repair a keyboard.