Laptop Fan Problem Mac

Hearing wiring, grinding or clicking? This could be a sign of a Fan Problem on your  Mac

One common issue with Macs is fan failure. A fan’s primary role is to ensure that the Macs components don’t overheat during use and keep your Mac functioning at a lower temperature. An accumulation of dust in the vents and fans are typically the culprit in restricting air flow and may cause the fan to spin erratically or the Mac to overheat. Sometimes carefully cleaning the fan may get you back in action but like any spinning mechanical device they are prone to breakdown or malfunction. All Macs have fans inside them that keep the CPU and graphics from overheating and are very important to proper system function.

We can repair your fan or replace it. Some fans may be repaired, (we try and repair the fans that are very old and getting a new fan is not possible) and some fans need to be replaced.

MAC fans are designed to run quietly in the background, without providing much of a disturbance to the user. If your Mac is making more noise then before, we can help.

Do not attempt to oil your Mac fan! – Do not use a compressor and blow air into your Mac. – Do not use “canned air”



Failing Laptop Fans are Death

No fan or a noisy laptop fan can end the life of your laptop.
Just like the human body, excessive temperatures can kill a computer dead. These are just the laws of physics we have to deal with. Keeping your laptop cool is an immutable fact of life if you want your laptop to operate normally.

To protect your laptop, it’s important to keep the cooling vents clear of dust and pay attention to strange clicking or screeching noises coming from within the case. The lack of noises may also indicate a problem. Check your vents periodically for dust buildup and blow out accumulations regularly. These are some simple maintenance tips to extend the life of your investment. If your laptop is overheating, you need to attend to this immediately or you may lose your laptop and risk losing all your data as well.

Inside the laptop, a cooling fan produces air movement from within the case to help move heat out through the vents. Most laptops have vents on the underside. But, all too often, those vents get blocked on our laps causing internal temperatures to rise to dangerous levels. How many times have you felt your legs burning while working on your laptop? Blocked vents or an inoperable fan reduce cooling airflow and temperatures rapidly rise within the laptop that can permanently damage the laptop if not addressed immediately.

Is your iMac or Macbook overheating or shutting down randomly? We can help.




Excessive heat reduces the lifetime of your computer and can lead to serious electronic damage if left untreated. Of course, you’ll need to get your laptop to us. Our computer repair shop is Acts-Computers located at Discovery Gardens or DIP. If you require a pick-up and delivery service we can do that too