Laptop body damage occurs when notebooks get dropped, more often than not they land on the corner, one of the weakest parts of the case. Unless you have a rugged notebook, there’s a good chance that after an encounter with gravity, the corner will be cracked or broken through completely. Sometimes laptop body damage occurs due to wear and tear. Sometimes certain models are more susceptible to breakage of body parts. While at other times the laptop hinges might damage the base.We do casing replacement and at times when no spares are available we also do casing repairs.

Some of the repairs carried out by us.

  • Hinge Modification
  • Brass Hinge
  • Fabricate Body
  • Broken corners look like a new
  • Base screw damage
  • Effective Color Combination with Laptop
  • Laptop Fabrication of top base and panel

Laptop Body Repairs Cost

 There are no fixed cost for these repairs, as the charges depends on the extent of damage to the laptop. Charges normally starts from Dhs 50.00  for basic repairs. The repair cost could be high, if the body part cannot be repaired, then in these cases a new part would have to be replaced. A new part would significantly increase the cost of repairs, unless a refurbished body part is available.

Laptop Brands Covered

All laptops are not built the same. Every brand will have certain models which susceptible to body damage because of weak body or design issues. 

We repair almost all brands of Laptop from Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, ASUS, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and many other brands not mentioned
Laptop Body Home Repairs ?
Unfortunately most laptop body repairs would have to be carried out at our shop in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Typical repair times could range from 2- 5 days. We can have your laptop picked up.