Internet and Wifi Router Setup

Internet and Wifi Router Setup We can help you get connected to the internet wirelessly. New wireless connection or old Wi-Fi connection, we can ensure that everything is up and running, according to your requirements. Your wireless connection would be setup with security and proper signal strength. Physically setup and configure network settings for ROUTER AND ACCESS POINTS DU AND ETISALAT setup and connectivity to router Update router firmware if… Read More »Internet and Wifi Router Setup

MAC Setup

MAC Setup New Mac Setup & Training PC to Mac Migration iPad, iPhone & iPod Synching iCloud Setup & Troubleshooting Wireless Network Setup and Security Printer Setup (Wired & Wireless) Email Setup & Configuration Software Installations, Upgrades and Updates New Internet Connections & Modem Setup Audio / Video Setup & Installation (TV, Stereo, Home Theater, Etc…)

Laptop Screens- Display for all Laptop Brands

Laptop Screens- Display for all Laptop Brands Our laptop LCD screen repair process guarantees satisfaction.We specialize in providing the highest quality laptop screen replacement services possible at a fair cost. It only takes a few pounds of pressure to break a laptop LCD screen, and the damage will spread over time to consume the visible part of the display. Other common causes for laptop screen replacement include wear and tear… Read More »Laptop Screens- Display for all Laptop Brands

Laptop Keyboard

Problems with your Laptop Keyboard? We repairs all kinds of laptop keyboard issues and we can repair any brand of laptops. Is your laptop keyboard not working right? Are keys falling off of your laptop keyboard? Are you missing a key on your laptop? The most common laptop keyboard problem is damaged keys or a bad connection between the laptop keyboard and the motherboard. We can replace or repair your… Read More »Laptop Keyboard

Laptop randomly turns off

Laptop randomly turns off This is often due to: AC power adaptor sensing an overload of power drain Overheating processor due to a build of internal dust (clogged fan) AC power adaptor not able to sustain normal power needs (faulty power adaptor) Battery overheating, due to internal battery fault, or charging levels Intermittent short circuit or open connection (check condition of power leads) On older Laptops, the most common reason… Read More »Laptop randomly turns off

Motherboard Repairs And Replacement

Motherboard Repairs And Replacement for your PC, laptop or MacBook computer. Years ago, a failed laptop motherboard more or less meant that you had to get a new computer. But that’s no longer the case today.Our team of experienced component level motherboard repair experts have fixed many problems associated with laptop motherboard failures, including problems caused by liquid damage. [symple_box color=”green” text_align=”left”]Component Level Motherboard Repair Includes: Replacing bad IC components… Read More »Motherboard Repairs And Replacement

Professional Desktop, Laptop, and MAC Repair Shop in New Dubai

Professional Desktop, Laptop, and MAC Repair Shop in New Dubai Bring your computer to us, or we’ll go to you with our convenient device pickup and delivery service. When your laptop arrives at our office, one of our certified computer repair technicians will perform a complete diagnostic of your system and begin to diagnose the problem. Once the diagnostic is completed, we’ll prepare an estimate for the total cost of… Read More »Professional Desktop, Laptop, and MAC Repair Shop in New Dubai


Laptop freezing problem? Slow Laptop? Laptop Cracked or Damaged screen? Laptop Keyboard problems? We undertake all laptop repairs and can solve most issues. Laptop Overheating Laptops are susceptible to overheating and so should periodically be cleaned to prevent damage. Usually its the fan vent that becomes blocked or sometimes dust and other particles can build up and prevent the fan from spinning. We can clean out your laptop and replace… Read More »LAPTOP REPAIR


ROUTER SETUP FOR HOME AND OFFICES Installation and Router setup: A network router is a small electronic device that allows you build a home network simply. The home router serves as the core or “centerpiece” of the network to which computers, printers and other devices can be connected. Networking with a router helps you to (for example): share files between computers share an Internet connection between computers share a printer… Read More »ROUTER SETUP FOR HOME AND OFFICES

Laptop LCD Screen

Laptop LCD screen issues are one of the most common problems in any laptop. The screen could be damaged due to normal wear and tear or also many a times through negligence of the user. The screen is the most delicate part in a laptop after the hard disk. Laptop LCD screens is an older display technology and is now no more used in newer machines. All new laptops now… Read More »Laptop LCD Screen