Laptop LCD Screen

Laptop LCD screen issues are one of the most common problems in any laptop. The screen could be damaged due to normal wear and tear or also many a times through negligence of the user. The screen is the most delicate part in a laptop after the hard disk.

Laptop LCD screens is an older display technology and is now no more used in newer machines. All new laptops now come with LED screens that consume lesser power, are much brighter and have very high resolution compared to their old counterparts.

Is it possible to replace an old LCD screen with a newer LED screen? This is fortunately possible with a kit that would convert the back light from an LCD to LED. 

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Laptop Screen Display problems

Here are some tips  for troubleshooting laptop video problems. Video issues are very common within portable computers and with the following tips you should be able to detect and eliminate basic laptop video problems.

Laptop Screen has a faint image or is very dark

Look closely at the laptops LCD screen, and see if you can see a very faint image. If you can then it is possible that the Laptop’s LCD lid close switch is stuck in the closed position. In this mode the back light stays off, even with the LCD lid open. This is to conserve power when the laptop is ON with the LID closed. Check the LCD lid close switch. It is a small plastic pin located close to the back LCD hinges. Try tapping the lid switch a few times to see if you can turn on the screen backlight. If that does not help, then I would suggest to replace the FL inverter board.

Screen is solid white colour or garbled

Connect an external computer monitor to the laptop. If the external monitor display is fine, then you have a problem with the Laptop LCD screen or the LCD cable connection. If the external monitor image is the same as on the Laptop LCD, then it is likely to be a faulty integrated onboard video, this means replacing the motherboard of the Laptop.

Laptop Screen Flickering

This issue is mostly caused due to the malfunctioning of the LCD controller board. Dry solder could be the reason sometimes, but most of times the screen might have to be replaced

Laptop Image on screen goes off or turns on at a certain angle

This is a common problem, when there is a break in the display cable connecting the screen to the motherboard. This problem can be easily fixed by replacing or repairing the faulty cable.