Hard Disk Crashed?

 Hard Disk Crashed? 

Hard Disk crash can be caused due to several reasons like normal wear and tear of the hard disk, physical damage due to hard disk fall, virus issue affecting the operating system, power turned off directly from ON / OFF button, board being defective or defective mechanical parts in hard disk . 

Our proven strategies and techniques ensure that your data loss situation is temporary and you can expect a complete recovery of all your data to be returned in a convenient manner. We regularly surpass others and perform sensitive data recovery for laptops,Androids,Tablets and Desktop PC’s.

Have you ever been panic stricken due to computer Crash and loss of data files on Hard Disk!!!!

Don’t Worry, our hard disk technicians can fix most crashed drives
get back your valuable data from hard disks, RAID arrays, USB memory sticks, faulty laptops and many other types of digital storage media.

We also specialize in:-

  • Recovery of  files that were accidentally deleted from a working drive, hidden by minimal use after data loss.
  • Data lost because a working drive was reformatted.
  • Recovery of crashed hard drives due to file system corruption, light mechanical errors,
  • Files were deleted and overwritten by continued use of the hard drive.
  • Recover files from a failed or physically damaged drive, or lost due to severe issues with the file system or software

What to do if you cannot access your hard disk 

If you cannot access your hard drive then, please do not try turning the laptop ON and OFF repeatedly, chances are that the hard disk might be damaged even further. The best option is to get the laptop to our shop, so that we could access the damage and try to retrieve the data.

It would always help, if you could mention how the hard disk crashed and if you have tried fixing your crashed hard disk yourself.