Upgrade RAM

Before knowing how to upgrade RAM, you first need to know why to upgrade it, Why upgrade ram? If your computer is slow, one way to speed it up is to upgrade your ram. That way you can multitask and open multiple programmes without slowing down your computer. Ram upgrades are especially useful for softwares like Photoshop, lightroom, Adobe Premiere with After Effects and any other video or audio editing… Read More »Upgrade RAM


We provide setup and trouble shooting of wireless as well as wired networks in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Discovery Gardens, and other locations. What is Network sharing? Network sharing enables you to share your data, your files, documents, folders and media to other computers over a network (i.e. your wifi). A shared network would mean connection over wifi or LAN. At a large scale, a shared network can help businesses by… Read More »Wifi

Apple Repair Store

At ACTS we offer apple repair services at our apple store in Jebeli Ali, Dubai. Searching for a computer shop near me? Look no further, we provide apple support and care at cheap prices. Our dedicated team of technicians at our apple store can fix your laptop needs. We service macbook air, apple macbook pro, mac pro, and offer warranty depending on your problem. Issues like data/file recovery, virus removal… Read More »Apple Repair Store