Apple Repair Store

At ACTS we offer apple repair services at our apple store in Jebeli Ali, Dubai. Searching for a computer shop near me? Look no further, we provide apple support and care at cheap prices.
Our dedicated team of technicians at our apple store can fix your laptop needs. We service macbook air, apple macbook pro, mac pro, and offer warranty depending on your problem. Issues like data/file recovery, virus removal and much more! Above all our aim is to solve your computer repair problems.

At our Apple Service Center in Dubai

As a result of our commitment to your laptop repair needs, we provide a vast range of Mac services at our apple repair store such as:

Mac Services Includes

  • Logic Board repairs (liquid damage and overheating )
  • Apple Osx installation and upgrade
  • MacBook firmware password remove
  • Free HDD, SSD and RAM replacement
  • Macbook graphic card reflow
  • MacBook trackpad repair and replacement
  • All components level repair
  • Mac mini repair and upgrade
  • Macbook cracked screen repair specialists
  • Cracked case
  • Mac won’t turn on or no power
  • Mac shuts down randomly
  • MacBook trackpad and mouse keys not working
  • Macbook keyboard replacement specialists
  • MacBook Air firmware password remove
  • MacBook Air logic board repair specialist
  • Macbook Air Retina display repair
  • MacBook account password remove
  • Mac HDD and RAM upgrade
  • Mac data recovery
  • Macbook Air data recovery
  • Mac turns on but can’t see on the screen
  • Mac logic board repair and replacement
  • and many other mac problems solutions

Macbook Repair Service

  • Macbook pro 13 inch ,15 inch ,17 inch
  • MacBook air 11 inch ,13 inch
  • iMac 21 inch ,27 inch.
  • Working with all the MAC model and size.
  • Working with all the laptop major brands and model

MAC Books Liquid Damage / Logic Board Repairs

We can fix you Mac books having liquid damage without the need of replacing the logic board. If your Mac does not boot up, or no power, your Mac may have a faulty logic board. This kind problem can be fixed after Mac Logic board component replacements repair, try our MAC support and repair services ones!

Mac Graphic Process (GPU) reflow

  • MacBook Pro 13″
  • MACBook Pro 14″
  • MacBook Pro 14.5″
  • MacBook Pro 15″
  • Macbook Pro 17″
  • MacBook Air models

Mac Keyboard and Mouse Pad Repair

Normally, when your keyboard and mouse pad broken we need replacing the whole keyboard. But we do fix some keys for our customer. We are also very successful in replacing Mac keyboard and mouse pad.

Mac Hard Disk Repair

If your Mac suddenly become very slow, or can hear the start-up sound but not boot up, you Mac hard disk may have problem. We can replace a new hard disk for you or repair your current hard disk to get rid of the bad sectors.we also provide service for Onsite Computer Support

Mac Inverter Replacing

If you have a Macbook A1181, sometime the screen too dark to see or no black light, normally it’s the screen problem, but we can try to replacing the Screen inverter first before replacing the screen, which can save you a lot, if your screen is fine.

Logic board Upgrade

Do you know when your logic board faulty it’s good time to upgrade your Mac and all brands Logic board repair Sydney. We can upgrade your Mac to i7 so your Mac can run much quicker.

RAM Upgrade

Do you know increase the RAM will improve the speed of your Mac and allow its processor to run more applications simultaneously? Come in store and the upgrade takes only minutes. Let our expert staff to do the hard work for you at the cheapest rate!

Hard Drive Upgrade

Upgrade to a bigger or faster hard drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) so you can keep more files and get quicker access to your files. We also have an unbeatable price including labor and data migration.

Wireless Card Upgrade

Do you know sometime you can’t access internet because of your wireless card issue? Let us replace a faster WiFi card so you can connect internet much faster and get quicker access to your website.