We provide setup and trouble shooting of wireless as well as wired networks in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Discovery Gardens, and other locations.

What is Network sharing?

Network sharing enables you to share your data, your files, documents, folders and media to other computers over a network (i.e. your wifi). A shared network would mean connection over wifi or LAN.

At a large scale, a shared network can help businesses by creating a central database, which can be accessed by anyone on the network. This will reduce cost and increase efficiency for the company.

Furthermore, computer network can also be setup at home, typically using a wireless router. Linksys router is a good choice for setting up wireless network at home. If you have an internet connection, a wireless router will allow you to share your internet connection with other computers, Macs, and PCs to exchange information like music, photos, videos and other files. It can also help you stream videos on your laptop, so you can connect wifi to the tv for netflix and any other streaming video site; connect your print wirelessly in your home; backup or store files from one computer to another; share your music collection between computers.

More importantly, we can install a wifi security system to protect your connection from hackers. A wireless router’s hardware firewall and data encryption will keep safe your Macs, computer and laptop safe from virus, trojans, and other malicious softwares.

Network services we can help you with:

  • setting up your computer network or wifi;
  • Slow wifi or how to speed up your wifi
  • learning how to share files wirelessly using cloud technology;
  • Ethernet installations;
  • Connect printer to wifi
  • Which wifi router to buy
  • What to do if your wifi keeps disconnecting
  • What to do if your wifi isnt connecting
  • wireless router settings
  • wireless network passwords and security; and,
  • getting the most out of your multimedia and digital devices (such as linking up your smart TV and wifi system to your home network).

We can setup the best home network setup for you so you dont have to build a home network yourself!

Other wireless issues we can help with:

  • Wireless network design
  • Connecting and setting up wireless router
  • Connecting computers and printers to wireless network
  • Wireless connection dropping out
  • Low wireless signal
  • Slow wireless internet
  • Wireless security
  • Encrypt the network
  • Share printers
  • Create shared drives across computers
  • Allow phones, ipod and game consoles access to the internet
  • Add shared storage to the network – also called Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Improve wireless speed and range
  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connections
  • configure and setup a router
  • Common wireless networking setup and issues are as follows:
  • Cannot connect to wireless network
  • Change wireless network password
  • Failed to authenticate because of wrong password
  • Looking for wireless network security key
  • Unable to see routers SSID
  • Want to unable WiFi capabilities of the router
  • Wireless network is not detected
  • Setup wireless printing
  • Connect wireless network to Smart TV
  • Add a new device to wireless network
  • Removing and adding wireless network profiles
  • Secure wireless network
  • Setup WPA2 security
  • Limit and control devices that can connect to your network
  • Low wireless signals
  • Setup Networking using Power-Line