Work Remotely from Home

Work Remotely from Home

Work Remotely from home ,is now possible in Dubai. Given the current health scare situation around the globe, most businesses are working remotely from their home. Working remotely and connecting to your Office data does require planning from the company’s IT team or IT consultant.

Requirements for working remotely from home

Every business has different requirements and thus different strategies have to be followed. To avoid disruptions to businesses, following points have to be kept in mind.

For successful home connectivity to office network or data, the office network has to be first setup

Is there a server / network drive or PC that needs to be connected?

Do you require file access, application access or laptop / computer access?

What about the emails, where is your server hosted?

Are your mails on gmail business, office 365, Microsoft exchange or hosted on a Linux server package?

Work Remotely from Home

Work Remotely from Home

File access remotely on Server

If your company has a server then for remote access, there are two possibilities. Is it configured as a domain or work group? Depending on that answer remote connectivity should be possible via VPN or any other remote folder sharing software. Please note VPN in UAE is allowed for point to point data connectivity only.

File access remotely from network Drive

For remote access from home to network drive, the office network would have to be configured to allow outside users to be connected to the shared drive with proper permissions.

Complete Access to PC from Home Remotely

If an individual needs complete access to their PC, then any remote software like Teamviewer, Anydesk or Remote Desktop could be used to access the PC, as if you are in front of the PC. All applications and mail would be accessible.

Connect to Company Applications Remotely

For Remote connection to Quickbooks, Peachtree, or any other Accounting Packages access from home, Remote Desktop Connection or VPN can be used

Similarly, for ERP packages that needs Remote connectivity from home a Remote Desktop connection or VPN can be used.

Presently many applications have been moved to the cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS etc

Connect to Microsoft Outlook from Home

If your company has gmail business or Office 365 or Microsoft exchange, then working remotely should be a breeze. If not, we can setup outlook on your home system, or work around ways whereby, you could have access to all your office mails remotely. To help you work remotely from home, Call Us to have us migrate your mails to the cloud, for seamless mail operation.

In all above scenarios, there could arise issues of data integrity or slow access and disconnection. Firewall /Updated Antivirus is required on all connected systems. A site visit is recommended to give a proper working solution. Contact Us for a quote