Laptop Key Repairs

Is your laptop keyboard not working right? Are keys falling off of your laptop keyboard? Are you missing a key on your laptop?

The most common laptop keyboard problems is damaged keys or a bad connection between the laptop keyboard and the motherboard. We can replace or repair your laptop keyboard in either situation. No Problem; you don’t have to replace the whole keyboard. We sell single key(s) replacement kits: Key Cap, Plastic Hinges and Rubber Cup for your missing laptop key.

Laptop Keyboard Key Repair:

You don’t have to replace your whole keyboard because you have a broken or missing key. Acts-Computers gives you the option to purchase individual key kits to fix your laptop keyboard.

Laptop Keyboard Hinges:

All key caps on the keyboards have hinges underneath which can also be called retainer clips. Hinges are two or more plastic pieces that go underneath the key cap. When searching for your required key ,begin by searching for your laptop brand and model number. Then, select the image of the hinge type that looks the same as your original key’s hinge. It is important to identify the correct type of hinges for your keyboard. Even though the keyboards look identical on the outside the hinges beneath the keys are not the same and are not interchangeable. Many keyboard manufacturers produce more than one hinge type for the same model keyboard. ACTS LAPTOP REPAIRS is the fast and reliable source to replace your broken keyboard keys. We sell replacement and OEM keyboard keys for all brands.