LAPTOP FORMATTING SPECIAL OFFER (valid until March 31st 2022)

Having problems with your computer? Slow computer? Virus problems?

Need reliable service that is fast and affordable?

We are here to resolve them for you.


Computer Format Package at AED 150.00 ONLY including VAT (valid until March 31st 2022). For this amazing price you get the following:

* Computer format
* Windows installation of your choice
* Driver installation
* Basic software installation

We accept Laptop or Desktop computers that could not be formatted using CD-ROM drive (Computers without CD-ROM drive or faulty CD-ROM drive).

We also provide the following services:

* Data Backup and Storage
* Data Recovery
* Computer tune up for slow computer
* Virus Removal
* Spyware / Adware Removal
* Software Installation
* Software Problems
* Network Problems


Bring in your laptop to our shop and have the laptop formatted in a couple of hours. Windows Operating system is slow, or Operating system is corrupted, having your laptop formatted would certainly fix these issues. Laptop not booting and windows boot errors also can be fixed if your laptop is formatted.

Please Note: For the laptop to be formatted the hard disk health should be good without any bad sectors or other hardware issues

What is covered under Laptop Format?

  • Checking of Hard Drive health
  • Install windows 7 / windows 8/ windows 10, provided the laptop came preinstalled with that windows version.
  • Installation of all windows drivers
  • Basic software installation
  • Free Antivirus
  • Windows Update
  • After formatting your laptop would be checked for working of camera, microphone, charging etc. Checking laptop to 

We are located in Jebel Ali Dubai

Pickup and Delivery available upon request for an additional charges.

Excellent and Fast services!

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