Laptop DVD Replacement

We provide Laptop DVD Replacement and Fixing for all Brands

The CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive in your laptop allows you to load programs, save data, copy movies, and make recordings and music disks. But sometimes bad things happen. It breaks, won’t read disks, won’t record, get errors. Plain and simple, it needs to be fixed. Not to worry, we can get your laptop’s player working again, and at an affordable rate. Of course, you’ll need to get your laptop to us. If you require a pick-up and delivery service we can do that, too. We will gladly come to you and pick up your laptop/computer (charges applicable ) Once your laptop is on our repair bench, we’ll get started by testing your laptop’s CD, DVD, or Blu-ray drive. Rates vary depending on type of drive and the laptop make/model. It’s always best to just drop by with your laptop to get a complete estimate. Give us a call at 04 8840570 and we’ll discuss your laptops problems and how we can quickly get your laptop back to you and running once again. Laptop DVD Replacement and Fixing ares covered: